Wedding! August 2021

We got married!

Abby & Adam

Abby & Adam

Here’s our wedding website, if you want details about how we met and all that.

Adam has definitely changed my life for the better. He challenges me intellectually and creatively, he gives me excitement and a sense of peace, and he reads my books and supports my author career aspirations as a #1 fan. I’ve loved him for 9 years.

Nothing has really changed, but we made it official, with a rubber stamp and a meeting of our families. This was just the right size of wedding for us, small and casual.

Here is the recorded video of our marriage ceremony:

Afterwards, we stayed in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, we drove up Pike’s Peak, we bought some artwork in Taos, and we watched the sunset in White Sands National Park. A beautiful week!

Thank you to everyone who showed up in person, and on livestream, and to everyone who sent us gifts and cards!


  1. Sally and Geoge Newman

    October 11, 2021 at 2:16 pm

    A very beautiful wedding. Love, Sally and George ……P.S. The leaves are already turning their beautiful fall colors in N.H.

  2. I loved being at your wedding. I like the photo posted here. Iā€™m not sure how to copy it, but I plan to try. I also enjoyed the video because it allowed me to hear the bows you wrote for each other clearly.

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