Majority, Torth Book 1, by Abby Goldsmith

Torth Book 1


“I’m not sure if it’s Young Adult or Science Fiction, but I don’t really care as I LOVED the story, characters, and world!”

— Brian Rappatta


The Majority is having trouble with a rising new star. Thomas has a highly valued bioengineered mind, hardly tempered by his fatal neuromuscular disability, or the fact that he was raised by “primitive” individuals on the backwater wilderness of Earth instead of in the all-knowing galactic collective. His potential to boost the galaxy’s top celebrity thought-leaders is astronomical.

So why does Thomas keep challenging those ultra popular leaders of the Majority?

Doesn’t he realize how dangerous that is? Will his secret sympathies for human and alien slaves get him killed–or spark a vicious war between slaves and their collective-minded overlords?

Here is social media on a galactic scale, with spaceships, superpowers, and conniving celebrities who literally believe themselves to be gods.

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