I’m stoked to be part of this anthology! It’s wonderful when real life crosses streams with my writing, proving that my job experience in animation counts for more than just having an income (pshaw).

Thanks to Dan Koboldt, the editor who put this together. And thanks to Writer’s Digest Books for taking it to publication and distribution across all major bookstores. Chuck Wendig, who’s been making waves in the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, wrote the foreword.

Have you ever wondered how sci-fi screenwriters and authors get their research right? And how many get it wrong? Every article in this book explores a branch of science that is often misrepresented in popular mass media. My article, “CGI is Not Made By Computers,” covers how the human labor component of special effects is often glossed over, or erased, in stories with a virtual reality or video game premise.

Every article I read in here turned out to be fascinating, and I’m honored to be included with so many engineers, physicians, and scientists.

“Putting the Science in Fiction” will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Writer’s Digest Store, and other major retailers starting Tuesday.