I’ll continue posting Self Made Wizard┬áchapters once per week or so. I might do 2 chapters on some weeks, 0 chapters on others, with an average of 1 per week. Since I’m not able to be consistent on this yet, I’m not comfortable charging much. This is my new epic series and I’m still discovering the approach.

It’s $3 per month from now on, with posts on Sunday instead of Saturday.

Higher tiers still exist because that’s how Patreon operates. But sorry, no additional benefits for higher tiers. I really do appreciate your support. I will be happy to ship Torth print editions to any $5+ member who gives me their U.S. mailing address, with complimentary shipping and free of charge.

I did add a new chapter today: Self Made Wizard – 28. Increased

A full list of what’s available is pinned on my Patreon page. I keep it up to date.

Currently reading: the Orconomics trilogy by J Zachary Pike. I enjoy satirical takes.