I was on panels at JordanCon, then visited family in Florida, and now I’m preparing for the launch of World of Wreckage (Torth Book 3). I’ve been too busy to write.

Patrons can find an up-to-date chapter list here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/77249657 (nothing new posted this week)

So here I am with Princess Donut of Dungeon Crawler Carl. I even handed Matt Dinniman a print copy of Majority. Not sure he wanted it, but I hope he’ll give it to a reader or something!

I don’t usually go to writing/book conventions, but I was thrilled to attend JordanCon as a speaker on the litrpg track. Also, I’m a Wheel of Time fan, and I was happy to see great cosplay. And it was wonderful to meet other authors I only knew from online. And entertaining to watch world-class audiobook narrators sing karaoke. Just wow.

Now, here is what’s coming on Tuesday:

Best cover of the series so far, I think!

Here’s an audiobook preview and a short book review by a reader on YouTube:

Book launches are always stressful for me, tbh. There is an unknown line between too much self-promo and not enough. Please tell people who might like this series. Sales, ratings, downloads are all very much appreciated for a small fish like me.