This is it for the $10 tier! Grand finale and end of the Torth series, my 1,000,000 word epic labor of love. Was I foolish to write a series with an ending? Perhaps. If you found it a good one, please tell other readers.    

The other two tiers will catch up. In the meantime, I am 20 chapters into writing a new epic series, Self Made Wizard. $5 tier will have continuous access to advance chapters as I post them. These chapters are not available anywhere else.  

$3 ~ Angel From Paradise [two to three weeks ahead] on Torth 

$5 ~ Bringer Of Hope [five to six weeks ahead] on Torth

$10 ~ Conqueror [nine or ten weeks ahead] on Torth

Torth Majority is Available on Amazon and Audible.  Torth Colossus Rising is on Amazon and Audible. Torth World Of Wreckage will be published on May 7th, with the rest of the series coming soon. If you are or were a patron, feel free to ask Abby to reimburse you for a purchase.