World of Wreckage

Torth Book 4: World Of Wreckage

Torth Book 4: World Of Wreckage

The last embers of freedom in galaxy are dying. Diabolical Torth are poised to fight each other over the conquest of Earth.

If Ariock is going to destroy armies of telepaths, orchestrated by deadly and desperate super-geniuses, then he will need all of his superhuman strength and illegal storm powers—and more. He needs superhuman cunning.

Thomas must be alert, alive, and dangerous with secret knowledge.

War is about to blitz the Megacosm. Planet-wide devastation will force Ariock to stretch his strength to its utmost limit, guided by a renegade Torth or two. Neither super-geniuses nor prophets can predict the magnitude of the impending mayhem, but they can be sure Ariock and Thomas will shift the foundations of galactic civilization.

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