• $4.99 An Aeon Ahead [Futuristica, Vol.2], May 2017. An earlier draft of this story won second place in the Conduit Short Story Contest, 2005.
  • $0.99 Father’s Footsteps [Digital Fantasy Fiction], July 2016. Originally in Well Told Tales podcast, Sept 2008.
  • $19.95 Psychodrome and Skyway [Love Free or Die], a romantic story set in my Torth universe, February 2015.
  • $0.99 The Lion Within [Suddenly Lost in Words, vol.2] is set in my Torth universe, January 2013.
  • Post-American Princess [Fantastic Stories of the Imagination], September 2016. Originally in Dark Recesses Press, issue #13, Oct 2012 (out of print).
  • Shirley Knott [Digital Quick Fic], September 2016. Originally in AlienSkin Magazine, autumn 2008 – 2014.
  • The Wolf Is Here, the Bear Is Here [Writers of the Future Contest] Honorable Mention, 2007.
  • Leveling Mountains [Aoife’s Kiss and Wondrous Web Worlds vol.6], March 2005.
  • Sunrise [Cyberpulp Magazine Issue #1], June 2004. Out of print.
  • Decrepit [Flashshot] 90-word daily story of April 29, 2004. Out of print.
  • Fiction [Neverary], October 2003. Out of print.
  • Lightbringer’s Class Won Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future Contest 2007.


    • Novel: Torth Book 1 [title pending], approx. 120,000 words, final draft completed 2016. Five humans are torn from their ordinary lives and forced to survive on another world, ruled by mind readers, where keeping a secret can mean death. Dark science fiction.
    • Novel: Torth Book 2 [title pending], approx. 96,000 words, second draft completed 2012. After escaping slavery in the alien city ruled by mind readers known as the Torth, the group of fugitives must continue to hide and survive on an alien world.
    • Novel: Torth Book 3 [title pending], approx. 126,000 words, second draft completed 2009. Hunted by the powerful mind readers known as the Torth, the group of fugitives discover a secret society that can help them fight back instead of hiding.
    • Novel: Torth Book 4 [title pending], approx. 110,000 words, second draft completed 2010. The group of escaped slaves and criminals defy the powerful mind readers known as Torth, causing a chain reaction of destruction and war.
    • Novel: Torth Book 5 [title pending], approx. 125,000 words, rough draft completed 2013. Former slaves and rebels fight the galactic Torth Empire.
    • Novel: Torth Book 6 [title pending], outlined 2010.
    • Novel: The Illusionist, approx. 58,000 words, rough draft completed 2001. Young Adult /Science Fantasy. An impoverished girl teams up with a foreign businessman to defeat their mutual enemies.
    • Novel: The Torth Resurgence, approx. 113,000 words, begun in 1998. Two friends become heroes in parallel universes, and when they are reunited, they can no longer tolerate each other.
    • Novel: Summer of Fire, approx. 30,000 words, begun in 2008. A young aristocrat loses his family, wealth, and status all in one night, and seeks revenge.
  • Screenplay Series: Darwin’s Gap — Animated work-in-progress, 2013 – 2015. In the town of Darwin’s Gap, where animals are civilized, the herbivores and carnivores in 8th grade have a problem with each other.
  • Screenplay: Eden — Sci-Fi Thriller, 100 pages, rough draft completed in 2005. A team of explorers on a newly settled planet become host bodies for intelligent alien parasites.