• The Biggest Mermaid, 2018. Originally in When Dreams Come True anthology, 2013 (out of print).
  • $4.99 An Aeon Ahead [Futuristica, Vol.2], May 2017. An earlier draft of this story won second place in the Conduit Short Story Contest, 2005.
  • $0.99 Father’s Footsteps [Digital Fantasy Fiction], July 2016. Originally in Well Told Tales podcast, Sept 2008.
  • $19.95 Psychodrome and Skyway [Love Free or Die], a romantic story set in my Torth universe, February 2015.
  • $0.99 The Lion Within [Suddenly Lost in Words, vol.2] is set in my Torth universe, January 2013.
  • Post-American Princess [Fantastic Stories of the Imagination], September 2016. Originally in Dark Recesses Press, issue #13, Oct 2012 (out of print).
  • Shirley Knott [Digital Quick Fic], September 2016. Originally in AlienSkin Magazine, autumn 2008 – 2014.
  • The Wolf Is Here, the Bear Is Here [Writers of the Future Contest] Honorable Mention, 2007.
  • Leveling Mountains [Aoife’s Kiss and Wondrous Web Worlds vol.6], March 2005.
  • Sunrise [Cyberpulp Magazine Issue #1], June 2004. Out of print.
  • Decrepit [Flashshot] 90-word daily story of April 29, 2004. Out of print.
  • Fiction [Neverary], October 2003. Out of print.
  • Lightbringer’s Class Won Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future Contest 2007.


    • Novel: Torth Book 1, approx. 121,000 words, completed 2016, updated in 2021. Wattpad
    • Novel: Torth Book 2, approx. 100,000 words, second draft completed 2012. Wattpad
    • Novel: Torth Book 3, approx. 126,000 words, second draft completed 2009. Wattpad
    • Novel: Torth Book 4, approx. 120,000 words, second draft completed 2010. Wattpad
    • Novel: Torth Book 5, approx. 185,000 words, rough draft completed 2013. Wattpad
    • Novel: Torth Book 6, approx. 185,000 words, rough draft completed 2020. Patreon | Vella
    • Novel: Torth Book 7, draft in progress as of 2021. Final book in the Torth series.
    • Novel: The Illusionist, approx. 58,000 words, rough draft completed 2001. Young Adult /Science Fantasy. An impoverished girl teams up with a foreign businessman to defeat their mutual enemies.
    • Novel: The Torth Resurgence, approx. 113,000 words, begun in 1998. Two friends become heroes in parallel universes, and when they are reunited, they can no longer tolerate each other.
    • Novel: Summer of Fire, approx. 30,000 words, begun in 2008. A young aristocrat loses his family, wealth, and status all in one night, and seeks revenge.
  • Screenplay Series: Darwin’s Gap — Animated work-in-progress, 2013 – 2015. In the town of Darwin’s Gap, where animals are civilized, the herbivores and carnivores in 8th grade have a problem with each other.
  • Screenplay: Eden — Sci-Fi Thriller, 100 pages, rough draft completed in 2005. A team of explorers on a newly settled planet become host bodies for intelligent alien parasites.