city of slaves byzwa dher

City of Slaves

“I’m not sure if it’s Young Adult or Science Fiction, but I don’t really care as I LOVED the story, characters, and world!”

— [Seeking permission to use this quote]


Thomas has just attracted the attention of intellectual telepaths who live in a slave-fueled utopia. They own everything in the known universe, and they insist on welcoming Thomas as one of their own. After all, he is a genius and a mind reader, and they value him, even with his neuromuscular disease. They will never believe that Thomas is too young or too handicapped to achieve greatness.

But he can’t rescue his able-bodied foster family and friends from Earth. He needs to let them die in an alien slave ghetto.

Escape is impossible. Secrets are impossible among telepaths. Defiance is impossible, because the telepath masses always get what they want. The only way Thomas can save the people he loves is to win the respect of his astute new peers. But time is running out for the slaves, and Thomas has never been good at popularity.

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